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Mindful Infant Massage


Mindful infant massage is an ancient nurturing practice for infants 4 weeks to 5 months old and their parents. I have coined this term combining the ancient practice of mindful awareness and all the fostered abilities - presence, receptive attention, deep listening, connection, resonance, attunement, mindful movement, gracefulness - with the ancient practice of infant massage. Today we have solid evidence of the physiological and psychological benefits of affectionate touch. Touch is the most primal sense, the first to develop in the womb, as the baby develops in continuous physical contact with the warm amniotic fluid, walls of the womb, placenta, umbilical cord, parts of their own body, sounds, maternal energy and touch (even if through the abdominal walls).


Mindful infant massage helps with sleep, digestion, nervous system regulation and strains or traumas from birth, arousal regulation, optimal tone of the vagal nerve, maintaining the continuum from life in the womb to life outside and facilitating the transition and adjustment, bonding, face-to-face interactions and overall development and wellbeing in both mother (and father) and infant. It is relaxing for both the giver and the receiver. It helps the caregiver understand the infant's body cues and needs, be responsive and get to know the infant while having fun time and slowing down.  


Like other prenatal and perinatal ancient nurturing practices, mindful infant massage can co-regulate mother-infant psychobiological rhythms and thus be a vital part of the bonding process and a reassuring extension of the womb environment. It can help maintain mind and body unity and balance, which are foundation of health and wellbeing.

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